About Us
About Us

HELIOS Insurance is promoted by a group of dedicated insurance professionals from India and USA. The learning curve of this new concept was shortened by adapting the best business practices from developed insurance markets like that of USA.

HELIOS Insurance provides the best of risk management services to all its clients by drawing on its vast pool of technical experts from India and abroad. The latest risk mitigating techniques and instruments are employed to provide the much needed protection to its customers.

The fast evolving insurance scenario in India required new intermediaries like the insurance broking firms to handle responsibility for insurance policy-holders.

HELIOS Insurance Broking Services is among the first in the country to be Licensed by Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDA) in the year 2003.

It was an enormous challenge for the customers to understand and accept insurance broking services in the initial years. It is now very well accepted and appreciated by all our customers.


HELIOS Insurance Broking Services will strive to build on its strength of ensuring total customer satisfaction. Customer's interest and trust will be paramount in all its dealings. The company will grow to become the most reliable and the largest in the market.


It is the endeavor of the company to provide reliable and trustworthy insurance solutions to all its customers. Business ethics will be followed to gain and maintain the trust of the customers.

Technical Support Team

The team of professionals at HELIOS Insurance has rich experience in the insurance industry and Re-Insurance. This experience is coupled with specialized educational qualifications from leading institutions from India and abroad. The team includes:

Ramana Reddy C.V.
Healthcare / Insurance
Satish Kalva
Re-insurance & software
Dr. Shailaja
Medical Administrator
Challa Vindhya
Insurance Marketing
Chief Strategy Officer
Kranthi Kumar. Y
B.Tech, Licentiate
Health Insurance
Avinash Vilas Reddy
Health Insurance
Neelakanteswara Reddy.M
General Insurance
General Insurance


The team at HELIOS Insurance has a strong track-record of handling large group insurance requirements successfully. The Team is well-adapted to study the risk-exposure and guide in the risk management process. They have handled general & life insurance requirements of very large Corporate Clientele.

To name a few of the industries covered are:


Manufacturing - Cements, Instruments, Industrial Laminates, Hydraulics, Spacecraft components

Engineering - Design and Development