Why Helios

HELIOS Insurance partners with corporate and its employees to manage their risk and uncertainty. HELIOS Insurance is a pioneer in the field of insurance broking in India. HELIOS Insurance is focused on providing reliable and trustworthy insurance solutions to all its customers;

  • Pioneers in insurance broking of India
  • Leaders in health insurance broking services
  • Experts in health care advisory services
  • Optimization of premium without compromising on risk cover
  • New standards in insurance broking services
  • Tailor-made covers to meet the client's specific requirements
  • 24 Hours Helpline
  • One - Shop stop for all insurance requirements
  • Access to Insurance experts in India and Abroad
  • Online access to insurance products and their related information
  • The web site / dial-in Server with the 24 hour help-line provides round the clock access to all our clients